Buying custom size chains (by inch)

How can I specify the length I need for my chain?

In the quantity field below, please put the number of inches you would like your chain to be. The price is "per inch". The minimum length is 4", maximum is 150".

For 2 or more chains of the same style, please enter the total amount of inches you need. After you can specify the number of chains in "special instructions".

What about the clasps?

The clasps are included in length. We attach them to every chain at no charge, unless otherwise is requested.

How does the LIFETIME GUARANTEE work?

All chains by inch come with unconditional LIFETIME GUARANTEE from the manufacturer. You can exchange your chain any time by sending it back to manufacturer for any reason if it doesn't look the same as the day you received it (except for solid sterling silver chains). Just mail it to the address, stated on your guarantee certificate. All the detailed instructions are provided on your guarantee certificate that you will receive along with your chain(s).
Please, do not mail your chain(s) to our company address, simply because we will have to resend it to the manufacturer, that will delay the replacement of your merchandise significantly.

Buying custom size chains (by inch)